Areas of Practice

First Venture Legal welcomes entrepreneurs looking for legal assistance on matters such as the following:

Business Organization and Formation

Are you thinking about formally organizing your business but aren’t sure what your options are, what the best form for your business is, or how to go about the process? First Venture Legal will sit down with you to explain what your options are, how the pros and cons of each option will affect your business, and work with you to complete the process of forming your business, including filing all of the appropriate state forms, advising you on structuring ownership and management of your startup, and drafting all of the stock/equity purchase and founders’ agreements.

If you’re interested in forming a:

– corporation, including C corporations, S corporations, and professional corporations;

– partnership, including limited partnerships and limited liability partnerships;

– joint venture

– limited liability company or professional limited liability company,

contact First Venture Legal to discuss your options and start forming an entity for your business.


If you’re looking to raise capital for your venture, First Venture Legal is here to work with you through this time-consuming and sometimes complex process, whether you’re looking to raise funds through more traditional methods such as seed funding from family and friends, convertible debt deals with angel investors, or equity deals with venture capital firms, or you’re thinking about a newer method of financing, such as crowdfunding on sites such as Kickstarter or IndieGoGo, or the new general solicitation method of equity financing.

First Venture Legal can advise you on the legal issues and risks you may face, or help you prepare any regulatory documents or agreements you may need to complete your financing, or represent you in negotiations for more complex deals.

Third-Party Agreements and Contracts

If your business is looking to draft agreements with suppliers, vendors, customers, or even if you need employee agreements and manuals, or licensing or cooperation agreements with other companies, First Venture Legal wants to help you draft or review an agreement, ensure you understand the terms, and negotiate the best deal for you and your business.

If you’re an entrepreneur with a legal issue not covered above, contact First Venture Legal. I look forward to helping you with all of your legal needs!